Wormfarm is an awesome place. During my residency, I found the perfect combination between farming and art making. I found that farm and studio work were complementary and very compatible for my project, the perfect match! These conditions made it possible for me to discover new creative solutions for my artistic inquires. The garden became the place where I gathered and organized thoughts to later in the day put them to work. I experienced a strong creative flow that poured into my project, which took a life of its own.
The farm is located in a beautiful area surrounded by rolling hills.  I enjoyed this place by walking and biking. Sleeping in the barn for me was a magical an surreal experience, being close to the cows, hearing their calls, playing with the cats, ducking the swallows when they flew through the barn doors, and finding singing frogs on the steps of the barn fueled a stream of amazing, colorful and funny dreams.
Also while at the farm I had the opportunity to meet and interact with some members of the local community. I met a wonderful  quilting group that share thoughtful and charming stories about their town. Many of the people that I met are very knowledgeable in fermentation and farming and they are passionate about combining these with art-making.
I loved the time I spent at the Wormfarm.

Paper stack (fermented pulp from stinkweed and burdock)
Making a paper sheet

Stinkweed pulp sculpture ( Falling clouds)




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